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The Dark Side of Accountant Marketing: How to Cover Your Back Online

Sometimes we come across unpleasant or disagreeable people, and they make our lives difficult (putting it mildly). In the marketing world, this is no less true.

Pause for a moment and consider how your business would be affected if someone decided to send hundreds of thousands of terrible backlinks to your website.

This can deal a severe blow to your accountant marketing by causing your website to plummet in the search engines. It has happened to others and it can have a massive, immediate impact on a brand’s revenue streams.
So how can you ensure that your accountant marketing is safeguarding your website? Here are some quick tips:

#1 Keep an Eye on Your Backlinks

Any decent accountant marketing strategy will stress the importance of good, quality backlinks to increase your SEO.
AccountantLift uses software which monitors your backlinks for you, so this is one way to keep your website healthy. If you find a dodgy link on your profile, it’s easy to go and investigate. If a link is causing harm to your SEO then there are steps to get the links removed.

Make sure, however, you also check up on your best backlinks. Sometimes spammers will impersonate a brand when they contact a website owner, asking them to remove their link to your website. To help prevent this, we recommend using your professional email whenever you engage in link building for your accountant marketing. At AccountantLift, we always use professional branded email addresses when building links on our clients’ behalf.

#2 Use Google’s Disavow Tool

If you find unwanted, spammy links pointing back to your website then there’s an easy way to get them out of the picture.

Google have developed a useful Disavow Tool, which you can use to list the websites you don’t want linking back to you. Follow the instructions here and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, get the agency who run your accountant marketing to take care of this on your behalf.

#3 Monitor all Social Mentions

Sometimes spammers will use social media to pretend to be your brand, and then cause you serious headaches online.

If you value your brand and your accountant marketing, you’d do well to keep tabs on your social channels and mentions. You don’t want your brand to be trending like because of a fall out with an old client. There’s some software here that you might want to consider to help you out: