Marketing for Accountants

Every accountant needs regular new clients if their accountancy firm is to thrive. At AccountantLift, we work closely with accountants to improve their marketing and SEO on a monthly basis. Providing transparent services that raise the online profile of your firm while generating more leads and new clients.
Powerful SEO, PPC and remarketing tactics.

With over 10 years marketing experience, we use a proven mix of tactics including SEO to drive traffic and new clients to your firm.
Stay ahead of rival
accountancy firms.

By targeting niche or local keywords, we ensure you get ahead by driving traffic to your firms website and not your rivals.
Transparent results with
our 24/7 live dashboard.

We let the numbers speak for themselves and provide a live dashboard so you can track your marketing progress 24/7.
Pricing plans to suit your marketing budget.

With a range of affordable monthly marketing packages with no long-term contracts and no hidden extras.

We let the numbers do the talking.

We believe in a data-driven approach when it comes to marketing, providing a solid foundation for decision making.
With our live 24/7 performance dashboard, your firm will have access to KPI’s such as the increase of website traffic, new leads,
email open rates, converstion rates as well as ongoing progress in the search engine rankings including Google and Bing. Smart.

We are delighted with the website and marketing provided by AccountantLift. Throughout the project they communicated fully with us, making sure we were involved in the process. The end result was a solution which was grounded in thorough research of our market, and which understood the needs of our clients.

Steve, Sterling Trade Finance

Bespoke marketing for Accountants

Are you looking to attract more qualified prospects and grow your client base? If so, then you need a robust marketing strategy – as well as the “know how” to execute it effectively.

Many say we live in a digital age. The reality is we’re beyond that, and accountants are in danger of being left behind. Yes, word of mouth and referrals are still vital to generate new business. However, the fact is these dynamics increasingly occur in the online world.

In other words, John no longer just asks Peter on the street corner if he knows a good accountant he would recommend. He asks his Facebook friends. He looks to the search engines. He consults the digital channels available to him. If you’re nowhere to be found, then business opportunities like this will just keep slipping through the net.

At AccountantLift, we work exclusively with the financial sector, proving marketing for accountants, financial advisers and wealth managers across the UK. If you’re looking for a marketing team who are experts in the field and who know your industry, then you’re in the right place.

How Does Marketing for Accountants Work?

When it comes to marketing for accountants, part of the challenge is knowing where to focus their energies. Do I concentrate on Twitter or Facebook? Do I buy an email list and blast everybody? What about “content marketing” – I’ve heard that’s good?”

Google can tell you a lot about these sorts of marketing tactics, but it can’t tell you which are right for your business. Your firm is unique, and blanket solutions won’t work. This is where working alongside an experienced marketing partner can really be worthwhile.

What’s Next?

If you’re looking to set your marketing on the right path, then please get in touch to receive a free, no-obligation marketing consultation. You’ll receive insight into why your past marketing hasn’t delivered what you’d hoped, and a marketing “road map” to get you moving in the right direction. From there, we’d love to partner with you in implementing your marketing plan.

Whether it’s social media, email marketing, SEO, content marketing or another combination of digital channels, our marketing specialists can deliver it for you. All you need to do is relax, and let us do the legwork for you.

Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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