Accountant Marketing Ideas

How to Write Better Content, In Less Time, for Your Accountant Marketing

A day rarely goes by at AccountantLift when we aren’t generating content for blogs, articles or other publications. Thankfully we’re passionate about it, so we don’t consider it a huge burden!

With that said, content creation does take considerable time. The industry figures say it all. Over 51% of content marketers ( state that a lack of time is one of their main challenges. 50% also say that they struggle to create engaging content for their audiences.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies available to those who regularly publish online. If you do your own accountant marketing through LinkedIn posts, blogging or other forms of content publishing, then these strategies below will help your productivity and focus. If you’re outsourcing the work, however, then these approaches should help you assess the productivity of your copywriter / content creator.

#1 Start “Free Writing”

Are you an early bird? If you are, then you’ll be one step ahead in your accountant marketing.

This is the perfect time to engage in “free writing”; a technique described by Mark Levy and Julia Cameron as a way to set free your subconscious creativity. You simply pour all your cares and thoughts onto 3 sheets of paper. The topic or quality of your writing doesn’t matter. You must simply write.

This approach can unearth new topic ideas and insights into industry trends, news and events. All of this is great potential material for your accountant marketing. You don’t need to exert yourself here. Just let your thoughts flow freely onto the pages, and keep everything within an allotted time limit.

#2 Coffee Drinker? Excellent.

This one might seem like a bit of a joke but go with us on this!

Coffee has many proven benefits, including raising productivity and alertness. It can also improve your mood and increase your creativity.

Another great strategy is to get some exercise into your day. Early in the morning is a brilliant time to do this. It gets the blood flowing and awakens your senses, enabling you to concentrate and apply yourself with greater vigour to your accountant marketing efforts.

#3 Perfect the Art of Forward Thinking

Accountants have a great advantage: they are typically very organised. It comes with the job.

Applying this discipline to your accountant marketing and especially to your content creation is a great way to keep on top of your game. Ideally, if you can plan your content 2-3 months in advance then you’ll really be onto a winner. It gives you more time to subconsciously reflect on the topics and sink your teeth into the material, allowing you to produce higher-quality content.

Some great content planning tools you can try here include Trello, Google Drive and Evernote.

#4 Binge on the News

This one is indispensable. Reading about current events from a range of sources has a number of benefits for your accountant marketing:

-It provides new ideas for content with potential for higher traffic, given their trending nature.

-It exposes you to great writers and allows you to learn from their writing style.

-It enriches you intellectually, giving your content the potential to reach greater levels of quality, which is great for your brand image.

To get the most out of this strategy, write a list of news outlets which will educate you and also provide inspiration. Engage with materials that you generally agree and disagree with, as this will sharpen your own views and brand voice.